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Private room
Japanese style chair seat
We can accommodate 5 rooms for 4 people, 1 room for 10 people, from small people to large number of people.
It is ideal for family meals, small banquets and more.
Chair seat
For 4 to 8 people
Chair seat
It is a private room for 6 people.
Japanese style chair seat
When connecting each room you can use up to 20 people in one room.
Chair seat
There is also a private room of chair with a feeling of release on the window side.
Window side chair seat for 2 people
It will be a chair for two people on the window side. Anniversary, birthday and so on will be the two people's space, the optimal private room.

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Limited quantity
Sukiyaki Set
Shabu-shabu Set
The best beef that melts
Sushi of beef
sushi beef (roasting) is impressed by the exquisite texture and umami that melts in your mouth.
Marbled cattle
Ezo Tajima beef's raw ham
Soft  Jerky
Half-life type jerky is superb in flavor and taste unlike ordinary hard type.
Special hamburger steak
100% hamburger of black beef meat is very soft and juicy.
Tataki style fillet steak
Roasted Crab on the shell
A luxurious gem that baked only the snow crab's peel and crab miso with its shell.

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